Preparing the Spring Professional 5.0 Certification

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An in-depth study guide to help you get ready before passing the Spring Professional 5.0 certification

Preparing the Spring Professional 5.0 Certification

Certification are nor silver bullet, neither a proof of your long experience regarding a technology. They are here to validate that you understood properly the core concept of the underlying technology, and you can use all your knowledge to find solutions in challenging situations.

That is the case for the Spring Professional 5.0 Certification. The Spring eco-system is nowadays very wide, but the core concepts remain the same. If you understand those properly, then you can adapt to any situations your business needs may brought you.

That is why, as a Spring Professional trainer, I want to help you prepare this certification. Here are my recommendation if your objective is to pass the certification:

  • First, book a training session. The trainer gives great insights with the support of the Spring official training sources.
  • Then, before the training session, download the Spring Professional Study Guide 5.0 document, and copy the content in a text document you will fill along the session.
  • During the training session, take the time to answer every bullet points. Each bullet points should be completed at the end of the training. Don't hesitate to ask your trainer for more information if you missed out something important.
  • Before the certification, review your notes and the points one after another.
  • To make sure you didn't miss anything, you could refer to those articles and fill in the gap.

Please note that the bullet points from the following articles are taken from the Spring Professional Study Guide 5.0 document.

Core topics

Please find below the main Spring Core topics, split in different articles for readability's sake:

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