About me

From a professional perspective

I am one of these developers with a passion for great code. I have experience in different sectors like manufacturing, luxury... where I developed my skills as a fullstack developer, developing RESTFul applications with microservices architecture. My curiosity and open-mindedness brought me into the energy sector, where I took the role of Data Engineer and faced new challenges like distributed computing and performance constraints.

I have evolved as a Scrum master in agile teams, as I care about always improving the team I am part of. From my point of view, using serious games during team retrospectives is a key factor of success for the team evolution. Technical excellence is at the heart of my personality. As an example, I organize “mob programming” sessions with the entire team. I also lead monthly Coding session initiative in Zenika.

I have talked about GreenIT and IT revolutions at conferences. Speaking in public is a source of motivation and helps me giving my best.

I am also a trainer on various subject, like

  • Spring Core as an official Spring Core trainer
  • Javascript for beginners
  • Java for beginner and advanced developers
  • Discovering Software craftsmanship, we cover topics like TDD, eXtreme Programming and Code smells with hands on labs in Pair Programming or Mob Programming

And from a personal perspective

I come from Annecy, the beautiful city I was born in. I grew up entirely in Haute-Savoie, also during my first step into the student world, where I studied IT at the technical institute of Annecy-le-Vieux.

I like sports in general. Growing in Haute-Savoie, I don't remember the first time I stepped on my skis... I was very young I guess. I was a dedicated handball player for over 13 years. I then decided to practice a bit of tennis, which I like playing occasionally with my wife, family and friends.

I recently started enjoying KiteSurf, that I like to practice on a more regular basis. But living in Paris makes it a bit complicated. Anyway, I like enjoying a Week-End in Normandie when the wind is favorable to enjoy some gliding feelings.